Can Yunus Çetinkaya

  • 1. To Have Strong Ties With Life:
    Can Design is open all the ways of life and styles of fashion around the world.

    2. To Strive For More :
    For Can Design "good" is an adjective which is synonymous with "mediocre" or "insufficient". Each element within Can Design's structure maintains the best and Can Design continues to be one of the best brands.

    3. Being Process Focused :
    Can Design's corporate structure is focused on process. It is the whole system developed by Can Design which brings permanent success.

    4. Not Being Afraid To Try :
    Failures are as valuable as successes at Can Design. Just as in the past, Can Design is not afraid of trying new trends which suit its corporate identity in order to continue being a brand of precedents in the future.

  • 5. Being Questioning:
    Can Design delves deep into each topic it works on.

    6. Being Open To Criticism :
    Within the scope of Can Design's management hierarchy, each division is open to criticism, can offer an opinion, and has the right and liberty to warn when necessary.

    7. Being Multi - Dimensional :
    Innovative, dynamic and leading ideas are implemented and are open to constructive criticism after they are thoroughly researched.

    8. Ensuring Continuity :
    The opinions of the sector, the public, and the media will not stop Can design achieving its goal of being more than an international brand.

  • 9. Collaborating :
    Can Design does not avoid collaborating with third parties than having suitable manufacturing and creative standards. Can Design shares its brand culture with all its solution partners.

    10. Being Rational :
    Each element of Can Design associates Can festo's principles with rationality. Adventures do not begin without analyzing risk. The conditions of both today and tomorrow are considered. Budgets are realistic and expenditure is selective.